Taxi Pets is located in Chicago and is serving pet owners in Downtown area, Gold Cost,
Old Town, Lincoln Park, everywhere else in Chicagoland and of course the suburbs.
Our specialty is the transportation and relocation of your pets.
We can help you on flight booking documentation, road travel, veterinary appointments
and even with your vacation destinations.
Everything we do for your pets is handled professionally by our staff at Taxi Pets.
Our minivans are equipped with various crate sizes, climate control, dog ramp, pet first aid,
radio dispatch, GPS and a really cool and smooth ride.
On the trips we have cookies, snacks and plenty of bottled water.
Each of our crates comes with an identification log that must be signed by all parties involved:
with name, address, destination and contact phone number.
Just like a real taxi, we never close
24/7 - 365 days